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Branding Your Business with Your Logo

Branding Your Business with Your Logo Design
In today’s competitive market you generally only get one shot at making a good impression. Potential customers know they have multiple choices, and will form an opinion of your business within minutes if not seconds. One of the first things to catch the customers eye will be your business logo, so having a well designed and easily remembered logo can have untold value in branding your business in the mind of the viewer.

It’s easy to get carried away with logo design, but there are a few factors that need to be taken into account to ensure you get the most benefits from your logo. Some of the most popular and well known logos consist of a simple design, but are easily recognized and associated with a specific company.

So how do you set about designing a logo that conveys your message to the public and brands you as being the undisputable expert in your field or the best supplier of a particular product or service? The very first step should be to carefully examine your design to ensure it conveys the right message. Other things to consider are the colors, the size, and what sort of font are you using, is it clear and legible? Does everything blend well together? Each component of your logo should be examined as to how well it fits together as a whole. Get the opinion of friends, business associates, family and ask them what they think.

Selecting the right colors is critical, and plays a major role in catching your customers’ attention. A combination of poorly matched colors can be equally detrimental in turning customers’ away. Some businesses like to use the color scheme of their business premises or staff uniforms, but it comes down to what you think best represents your company. Many people tend to be visual; consequently their choices are often made about things that are visually appealing to them.
Spend some time to study existing corporate businesses you will notice certain trends are prevalent in their choice of colors and logos. For example banks and financial institutions lean towards dark blues and reds in an effort to convey a sense of security and reliability.

Once you decide on your color scheme you then need to consider the style of your logo, what does it convey to the viewer? Are you a conservative or exclusive business, maybe budget priced or young and trendy, try and put yourself in the mind of the customer when looking at your logo. Is the name of your company or business included in the logo design? In newer businesses this could help with branding, but companies like Nike don’t even have to put their name with their logo everyone automatically associates the logo with the company.

It’s important to consider the size and scale of your logo. Where will it be used? Will it have impact on billboards as well as on websites or stationary? These are factors that you need to be mindful of when developing your logo design.

In summary, having an effective and eye catching logo is a critical part of your business and can have a lot of influence on building your customer base. Take the time to evaluate each aspect of your logo and the final result could pay you dividends.