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Why you need a logo

It is a common belief that individuals or companies do not need a logo and other advertising and marketing related material before they make a name and start getting clients or acknowledgement of any kind. Most of the time cash flow limitations are the cause to skip what is considered extra expenses, including the cost of a professionally designed logo.

However, in a visual world like ours is more likely harder to succeed without an image to offer when it comes to launching a business or promoting any already established business, and it is also more difficult promote without a logo that makes people identify a company or associate it with the products or services offered.

For companies this is not a big deal thanks to a careful plan of each and every aspect developing a company and its marketing, but the smaller the company the more chances of demoting the importance of the logo, particularly from entrepreneurs or individuals who sometimes prefer to do their own advertising to save costs.

The exception makes the rule and sometimes a large company may forget to put attention on the logo design while envisioners do it, no matter if the logo is intended to be used only on their personal business cards when there is not a company yet to promote it.

Both companies and individuals may be seduced with the idea of getting a low cost design just to abide with the basic guidelines saying “if you have a business you need a image” but not being important at all for them, makes no difference get an amateur designer or do it by themselves.

However, amateur designs are easy to detect reducing the successful possibilities of making a business or independent profession look like they are unstable or not serious. Customers pay attention to logos even unconsciously and logos made “on the fly” with well-known clip art or notorious improvisation do not give customers enough confidence to create business with people behind an unprofessional image.

For small business and entrepreneurs the logo can make a significant difference in trying to find a niche or establish a solid presence if they already have one. Many people consider the use of free logos and stationary templates made professionally but being public domain or freeware make the business look like small low-budget companies or amateurs making their way.

If your business does not matter to you, it will not matter to your customer except to confirm your products and services are low quality even if they are the best. On the opposite side, paying for a professional logo design will not be worth it if you do not keep consistency by using a design for your business cards and another for your marketing material or stationary causing confusion among any potential customer.