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Do You Need A Logo?

You are in the middle of setting up a business, and there is a lot of administrative task to deal with: getting a business license, opening a bank account, searching for an office, etc. And above all, you will face the problem of its marketing. First of all stationery, website and business cards are what you need. Probably the idea of your own, wonderfully designed logo comes to your mind as well. You check the Internet for solutions for this problem, and you find hundreds of websites offering free online logo design software that allows business owners to make their own professional company logo designs within minutes. You think that you will not use any of these services, because you would like to hire a professional designer. You are absolutely sure that you need that logo right now.

Actually, it is not that sure that you do the right thing if you jump into logo design too early. Starting out your business with your logo, stationery, and marketing materials all wonderfully designed can certainly boost your brand building project. But how would you know what does a wonderful logo look like if your business is in the very beginning phase? You may have clear business plan, you do not know what the future brings.You may not have had enough practice running it to know what it is really all about, so you can’t base your ideas on your dreams.

Many small businesses begin with one conception, but by the time they really start flourishing, things may have changed. Services or products may end being modified to better conform to customers’ needs and visions. New products and services may get advanced. You will realize, after you start making sales and talking to customers, that you’re doing things in a completely new way. You may be talking to a totally different type of customer than you’d originally imagined, or solving a problem you didn’t think to come across at all.

The first thing you have to consider in order to decide whether you need a logo or not is how strong your plan is. If you have holes and gaps, wait until they are filled in. Secondly, if you are not completely dedicated to one plan, and like changes and variety, it may happen that with time your brand will not match your business, which means that the effort and cost invested in design and printing has been somewhat wasted. You have gained some value from your brand, but you have to do everything all over again.

If you are a beginner in starting a business, you’d better take it slow. Branding is an important business decision, so it is worth to wait for a stable and established business before order a logo design. If you have definite answers for these questions, then you may be ready for your brand. However, if you aren’t sure that you’re settled in your business and on its personality, services, differentiators, and target audience, it may be better to postpone creating a logo so that it will be as correct and as lasting as possible.