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Three Basic Types of Logo Design

Logo designs can be divided into three basic types: Iconic, Illustrative and Textual. These types can be mixed in one logo, but usually one of them is dominant. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the three versions, you can decide on which type would be the most appropriate for you. Naturally, the logo design firm that you choose will help you to make a decision, but it is advisable to get a line on the topic and gather some information on your own first.

Illustrative logos are pictorial representations of the image of a company and can be cartoon characters, mascots, or imaginative figures. These are unique and expressive illustrations, which are best to represent companies that are more creative and fun. Brands targeting children use this type, because children love colorful drawings and playful characters, but the colors and techniques used by cartoonists may impress any person of any age group. Technically, in some aspects they are more difficult to deal with. For example, it is more difficult to animate, to reproduce on low resolution media, to embroider, to convert to black & white them. In spite of the fact that sometimes they may seem childish, cartoons have a strong emotional effect on us, which can be beneficial, as regards logo design. The friendliness and sincerity of expression in cartoons evoke humor and optimism, which help to forget the monotonity and the ugly realities of life.

Iconic logos, which are the most popular among logo designs, are the most simple and straightforward in expression and design as well. In spite of their simplicity, a good iconic logo is more difficult to create than in seems, because it is not easy to make it unique and witty. However, it is more recognizable when reproduced at small sizes, and it can be easily converted to black and white. It can be either concrete or abstract, symbols are it is easily identifiable and memorable.

Textual logo designs, which are also very popular, are usually combined with other types. Texts can stand alone, or they can be integrated into an icon or graphic. Uniquely styled font types can make your logo original and visually seductive, and they also inform about the name of your company, or its abbreviation. Typography can convey almost anything that a picture can. Thin fonts suggest elegance, while thick ones express power, strength or solidity. Using type fonts can include hand-drawn letters, characters or symbols that have been rendered in such a way as to please the eye and catch the interest. A good text logo can “brand” your name and can be reproduced on most media without distortion. It can be easily converted into black & white, and it is more likely to be recognized when reproduced at small sizes.

These are the three basic types of logo design that can be used independently or in a combination. Choosing the right type is at utmost importance, so it is important to calculate the pros and cons of each type.